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  • C.I.P.

    A jar of C.I.P. brings a lot of happiness to a child due to the multitude of colours and flavours it offers.

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    Mentosanul is a renown breath mint that truly made history in Romania and Germany.

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  • Ornamente

    Ornaments are multicolored minidragees, used to decorate cakes, donuts, ice-cream, whipped cream, but also koliva, a ritual dish consumed on religious occasions.

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  • Food essences with rhum

    Food essences with rhum remained in the top preferences of the Romanian consumers because of the good quality and accessible price.

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  • Motto

    SCM Colin Daily sells in Romania, Europe and Canada under the Daily brand

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Citrus Drops 200g

Category: Drops
Manufacturer: Daily

Citrus Drops 200g – a quality product, hard candy with a refreshing taste of orange and lemon.

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Milk Drops

Milk Drops 200g for 1 June, The International Children's Day.

Citrus Drops

Milk Drops 200g for 1 June, The International Children's Day.

Dragees CIP

Dragees CIP 100g for 1 June, The International Children's Day.

Powder Sugar with vanilla taste

It is a succesful product and it is used for: cake powdering...

Brown sugar 300g (made out of sugarcane)

Brown sugar enhances the taste of tea and coffee and gives a special flavour to warm drinks

Food essences 25 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml 

Food essences with rhum, vanilla, almond, orange and pistachio


Pelleted peanuts 150g

"Pelleted peanuts 150g" – 100% natural product made out of peanuts...

Milk drops 200g
Category: Drops

Milk drops 200g - a quality product, hard candy with milk taste,...

pliant c.i
Category: C.I.P.

Dragees C.I.P. 100g C.I.P. is the acronym for Corectiv.Igienic.Parfumat...

We invite you to Coopexpo!

We invite you to visit the "Cooperative Cooperative Salon - COOPEXPO" event that will take place at TIBCO between 25-28.05.2017 between 10.00-20.00 (Thursday-Saturday) and 10.00-18.00 (Sunday).

Visitors' entrance is free!

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